Why Choose Us?

Seven Reasons Why Thousands of Local People Choose Park Place Hearing Center

1. Trusted by Thousands of People Across Sonoma County and the Surrounding Areas

Having been caring for Sonoma County for over 30 years, our team has had the pleasure of caring for the hearing health of thousands of local people.

From physicians through to emergency workers, we’re in the fortunate position of meeting incredible people and allowing them to continue to bring their differences to the world.

2. Methodical Process of Achieving Better Hearing

Achieving better hearing requires much more than great hearing technology. It requires a long-term relationship with a team of experts that understands the steps required to allow you to hear the life that you love.

By caring for thousands of patients, our team of experts has crafted a methodical process of achieving better hearing, ensuring that the highest levels of audiological standards are fundamental to every step of your journey.

3. Regarded Locally as the Number One Hearing Aid Experts

You could call us “geeks” – but we keep our ears very close to the ground when it comes to the latest hearing technology and ensuring our patients achieve optimum results.

With owner Dennis Tobin being a hearing aid specialist for over 27 years, he has watched technology rapidly progress throughout his career, and his passion for the latest technology and developments sees him respected as one of California’s leading hearing aid technology experts.

4. Access to All Levels of Hearing Technology

Unlike some hearing care providers, Park Place Hearing Center is not limited to specific manufacturers or levels of technology.

Instead, we’re able to make a recommendation to you based uniquely on your circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.

This ensures that your chosen hearing device doesn’t just amplify your hearing but also amplifies your life.

5. Trusted by Many Local Physicians

There is no greater compliment than having health professionals and physicians trust our knowledge and regularly refer patients to us to receive our help.

By continually taking great care of their patients and often sharing advice/help when they have challenging situations, many local physicians trust us for all their hearing healthcare needs.

6. Two Convenient Locations

With convenient parking, easy accessibility, and modern/comfortable offices, you’ll be able to benefit from visiting either of our locations as a patient, depending on whichever is most convenient for you.

With offices in Petaluma and San Rafael, it ensures that receiving high levels of hearing care in Sonoma County is easier than ever.

7. Your Safety Remains the Number One Priority

Safety has always been the number one priority, so when the challenges of 2020 were first felt, we quickly found solutions to help patients receive the care that they need in a safe and convenient way.

This included the introduction of Tele Audiology, Curbside Appointments, and heightened sanitization, ensuring that no matter what happens in the world, our patients remain the center of ours.