There are many reasons why individuals with a hearing loss leave their condition untreated.

One of them is the investment required and being unsure to whether you can expect any financial help from your insurance.

With so many different insurance companies, coverage types, and levels of benefits when it comes to coverage for hearing aids and hearing care, it is difficult to respond to one of the most common questions we hear in our office, “Does my insurance cover hearing aids?”

Not Sure if Your Insurance Covers Hearing Aids? We Can Help You

Navigating the complicated world of medical insurance is apt to frustrate and confuse you. The advantages to your hearing, overall health, and your quality of life make the investment into hearing aids so critical that we are willing to go to work for you to find out what benefits you can expect from your insurance coverage.

By partnering with most major insurance carriers, the insurance specialists at Park Place Hearing can do the hard work for you by checking your benefits on your behalf, allowing you to avoid the frustration of trying to figure out what your coverage includes.

Once our insurance specialist determines the level of coverage provided by your insurance, you will receive a call to set up an appointment with an audiologist, or we will provide assistance in locating additional financial resources for hearing aids if you can expect no or limited benefits from your coverage.