Local Journeys To Better Hearing

“I became concerned about my hearing when I couldn’t hear my client’s reply to an important question and was embarrassed to ask him to repeat his answer several times. He was not someone I really knew, and I was afraid he’d judge me as incompetent and not hire me for the job.

“Park Place was actually not the first hearing center that I visited, but I DID meet Dennis at the first place. After Dennis moved to his own establishment, I eventually followed him there because from him, I got the feeling that he actually cared about me and MY hearing loss. That was not necessarily true at other places, though others were much closer and more convenient.

“I drive 30 miles each direction to get the care and attention I need and want. Park Place is clean and QUIET; no intrusive TV or elevator music. I was greeted as a friend and treated with respect by the receptionist, whom I’d never met before. I felt welcome.

“I think my hearing loss was gradual, and for some time, I didn’t realize how much I was missing. Now I can hear small sounds again, like birds singing, a ‘click’ when my car door unlocks, and the phone ringing. Even with hearing aids, one can still miss parts of conversations, but now I TELL people that I have some hearing impairment; I’m no longer embarrassed or shy about asking people to face me when speaking.

“If you are thinking about going to visit Park Place Hearing, don’t wait! Life is too short to miss the sounds and nuances and conversations; don’t let yourself feel isolated because of your hearing loss. Dennis is SO compassionate, and truly dedicated to finding the very best solution for YOUR particular needs. You won’t feel as if you’re just a number or that your hearing loss is just like everyone else’s.”

– Barbara Eddy

“I realized that I might have a hearing loss when I looked around and realized that others around me understood what was being said. I tried Costco hearing aids and I heard only louder noise. I didn’t believe that hearing aids would work for me – when I returned them, I was told there’s no hearing aids that will work for my form of hearing loss. I was trying another hearing deviceonly because my wife was willing to pay from her own money – I thought I was going to return them as well.

“Well, I was wrong.We first visited when a manufacturer’s rep was there at Park Place Hearing. She sold me on the ones I now use everyday. My dear wife doesn’t have to translate interactions with the world. I would tell anyone to just try it [hearing aids] for a few weeks and then you’ll know what you are missing. You have to get over the initial learning curve. After all, you are retraining your brain to hear! Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. (I needed small but significant changes). Dennis will pay attention to your needs and will adjust the devices to maximize their effectiveness.”

– Philip Going

“One day, I awoke and became violently ill. I struggled to walk to the bathroom as the room seemed to revolve around me. After a time, I called my doctor and reported my illness. After a series of tests in the emergency room, I was told nothing major was wrong with me. I had not had a stroke nor a heart attack. I had, however, lost hearing in my left ear. I was told to make an appointment with an ear specialist. I didn’t have any reservations about coming to Park Place Hearing. I had called around and knew I needed special help with my hearing loss if I was going to remain employed as a bank manager. The owner, Phyllis, gave me a complete hearing test. She asked me about work and social settings to help determine the type of hearing aid I needed to remain working. She explained my hearing loss was so new it was possible it would be changing over the next year and she would need to make regular adjustments to the hearing aid. My hearing aid enables me to continue my life. If you are considering an appointment at Park Place Hearing, don’t wait. Get your hearing back. You’re missing out on life.”

– Pamela Norris

“I started realizing that high frequencies were not getting through some seven years ago (my job involved listening to high quality audio). Training and experience made up for it for some years, but soon I had to have the TV on rather louder than my wife liked! My only concern prior to my appointment was that I would be forever replacing batteries, but soon we had rechargeable devices.

“My first impression was that Park Place Hearing is excellent and very professional. I was able to see the results of the hearing test, which was quite a shock to see how insensitive I was to higher frequencies. With my hearing aids, I no longer have to keep asking for something to be repeated – and my wife is much happier! I would advise anyone who is thinking about making an appointment to go for it! Not only was the initial visit and testing excellent, the after-service is impressive.”

– David Robinson

“I felt totally alone and could not fit in anywhere. It’s a terrible feeling not to be able to hear others. The hearing aids brought me back to life again. I was worried about the financial end of hearing aids. They are very expensive. Dennis Tobin made me feel great and fitted me with tremendous hearing aids. Park Placing Hearing is very organized and has great employees. My hearing aids saved the day and many days to come. I would tell anyone who is considering a visit to Park Place Hearing to stop denying that you can’t hear. Stop the embarrassment of not hearing.”

– Donald Bowers

“Sounds have always been important to me. I noticed that I was not hearing either speech or music clearly. Prior to my appointment at Park Place Hearing, my concerns were: a) adherence to safe coronavirus procedures; b) adequate information about the range of devices available; c) competence to deal with advanced technology hearing devices.

“Park Place Hearing is a small place, physically.They are friendly people. It was easy to have an open discussion of available hearing options. My hearing aids have restored my ability to enjoy the outdoors and also to participate in conversations in noisy places.

“I would tell anyone to go visit them! The first time I visited, there were not yet enough improvements to technology to warrant an upgrade of my hearing devices. When I returned a year later, there finally were substantial improvements available, which I went for.”

– John Levy

“I had early loss and the most important sounds were those of my family. Prior to my appointment, one of my concerns was cost, but the devices Dennis prescribed for me were reasonable and they truly enhanced my quality of life and sociability. I found Park Place Hearing to be very clean and with very friendly staff.

“Hearing aids have totally broadened my horizons, and now I can hear the birds. I tell people that the hearing center is only as good as the audiologist and Dennis is one of the best. He works with you as long as it takes to satisfy you 100%. Also the brand of devices they offer are state of the art and offer a plethora of features incorporating Bluetooth technology as well.”

– Brian Schmitt Sr.

“I suspected that I might have a hearing loss when I could not understand my newest and youngest grandchildren. I was just heartsick. I absolutely loved the people who work at Park Place. Everyone from the receptionist to the audiologist treated me very patiently and kindly. My new hearing aids don’t correct the poor speaking habits of lots and lots of people in the world, but they certainly do allow me to hear what I truly want to hear. If you have any question about your being able to hear adequately, get checked at Park Place Hearing. They are splendid people who will help you get the best that you can for the money.”

– Bernice Callahan

“We were told when our son was born that he failed a BAER test. Park Place Hearing was highly recommended by friends and family. Phyllis Burt was awesome! We miss her! Our son is almost 13 and is a straight A student in middle school. We have received awesome service and we highly trust Park Place Hearing. Pat and the staff are very professional and they take time and listen to your concerns.”

– Eric Levinson

“I first realized that I might have a hearing loss when my husband started complaining that I did not hear him. I received efficient, great service at Park Place Hearing. Patti was a treasure to behold. If you have a problem with hearing, don’t isolate yourself, do something about it.”

– Anneke van der Veen