Park Place Hearing Center

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  • mary Avatar
    5 star rating

    I'd highly recommend this establishment. They have been incredibly helpful with my elderly father in Recommending and caring for his hearing aids. Highly professional and caring staff.

  • Lynn Avatar

    I didn't expect how great my first hearing aids would be. All I'd heard from people with hearing aids was how awful they were.

    Fortunately, I went to Park Place and met Dennis and Laura. They are friendly, caring professionals who gave me a great experience --Dennis chose the perfect hearing aid for me and programmed it to suit my hearing loss.

    It doesn't even feel like they are there. I'm hearing naturally again. I don't have to ask people to repeat , nor do I have to be facing them to know what they are saying. I recommend Park Place very highly.

  • Meigan Avatar

    I am blown away by the professionalism and quality of service I received here! When I mentioned that I couldn’t afford hearing aids and that my insurance wouldn’t cover it, they found a pair I *could* afford and even set up a payment plan!!! So happy to have found Park Place!!! ❤️

  • Kristin Avatar

    Really, really nice people in there. They make you feel welcomed. Love it

  • Oceana Avatar

    I Love Park Place Hearing. From the moment I walked in 6-7 years ago there was an aura of knowing that I found the right place. And I have never doubted it. Dennis gives my all the time I need until I have no more questions to ask. He is patient and knowledgeable and I leave his office satisfied and complete. I've worn aids for years and it's head and shoulders above the hearing centers I've been to.
    Oceana T.

  • Teri Avatar

    This is a wonderful place to go to get your hearing aids. The staff are professional and friendly. I never have to wait long in the waiting room. I highly recommend their service.

  • Teri Avatar
    positive review 

    Park Place in San Rafael is very convenient right off HW 101 at the Northgate Shopping Center exit, east side of the freeway. The staff is very cordial and professional, little to no waiting when you arrive. My audiologist is friendly and helpful and I LOVE my hearing aids. Thank you for the wonderful service!

  • Julia Avatar
    5 star rating

    COVID story -- a good one. My husband is immunosuppressed and his doctors have told me not to go into public buildings unless they are very clean and I trust the occupants to have worn masks in them. When I had a sore ear and was concerned about asymmetric hearing loss, Laura said she'd meet me in the parking lot to take a look in my ear (with a face shield on). When nothing showed up, she gave me a hearing test inside -- after sanitizing all the surfaces and letting me know the people who worked there always wore masks. I decided to do it. It was quick and painless -- and I'm grateful she did it (no charge!) because I was re-assured.

  • Brian Avatar

    Dennis takes a real interest in your hearing situation and has prescribed the device that has brought my hearing back to almost normal with the latest in high tech in those devices. Highly recommend PPHC.

  • Renate Avatar

    A great experience all around! I am lucky to have found this place with Dennis and Linda taking care of me!

What ReSound Hearing Aids Can Do for You

ReSound is among the hearing aid manufacturers that provide the instruments you can choose from. Since their beginning in 1943, they have grown to provide their hearing aids in over 80 countries worldwide.

Direct Android and iPhone connectivity to hearing aids using 2.4 GHz technology was first developed by ReSound.  As a member of GN Group, they contribute to deep research and development of medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions, providing innovative devices for the med-tech, hearables, and intelligent audio industries.

Regardless of the style you choose, greater performance from micro-digital technology along with greater discretion and Bluetooth streaming to your smartphone are advantages of ReSound devices.

Remote Assist

An additional advantage, which became extremely important as hearing aid patients were unable to attend in-office visits due to COVID-19 restrictions, is ReSound’s Remote Assist support program. This feature allows you to connect with your hearing care provider using teleaudiology regardless of where you are, allowing for the necessary support and adjustments to your device from a remote location.

What Starkey Hearing Aids Can Do for You

Starkey hearing aids are relatively new when their history is compared to other hearing aid manufacturers, beginning in 1970. However, Starkey has provided hearing instruments for five U.S. presidents, two popes, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and other notable leaders. Starkey emerged in 2017 as a leader in the use of artificially intelligent hearing aids.

In 2014, Starkey introduced Halo as their answer to iPhone connectivity along with producing more natural sounding clarity. The development of Livio AI enabled hearing aids to track physical activity and cognitive health using embedded sensors combined with artificial intelligence. Livio AI allows for auto adjustment to various environmental settings, language translation, fall detection and alerts, tap control, and a variety of additional features.

Starkey provides advantages in sound clarity—especially with TV, telephone, and music streaming—a more natural sound, and smartphone connectivity with advanced overall health integrative features.

Changing People’s Lives With Technology

Oticon constantly work towards their vision of a world where hearing loss is no limitation. They innovate life-changing technology and are known for outstanding sound quality, reliability, and ease-of-use.

They achieve this through pioneering cutting-edge technology and never compromising on quality.